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sbcoBIRDING Santa Barbara County Birding

The Birds of Santa Barbara County, California

This page hosts the most recent update of Paul Lehman’s, The Birds of Santa Barbara County, California (June 2019)

By Paul E. Lehman


Click HERE >> to download the e-Book of the 2019 June edition of Lehman's BOSBC.

Click HERE >> to download the pdf of the 2019 June edition of Lehman's BOSBC.

Click HERE >> to download the map (pdf) that accompanies Lehman's BOSBC (this map was not included in the above files to prevent large downloads).


Lehman, P. E. "The Birds of Santa Barbara County, California", Revised edition, June 2019, available at http://sbcobirding/lehmanbosbc, 2019.

Original edition: The Vertebrate Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1994.


More information about this revised edition can be read in this April 2012 newsgroup message:

Most importantly, PL writes:

“Input from the birding public is eagerly sought. If you have corrections or other information that would be valuable to include in any of the species accounts, please submit it, preferably labeled "BOSBC", to . But recent records from the current 'season' should be sent to county compiler Dave Compton (davcompton60 [at] We will consider these data for all future updates. This electronic  publication can be modified easily, and the plans are to do so on a  regular basis.[...] Feel free to comment privately to Paul as well, but we encourage suggested changes to be posted publicly on the sbcobirding site, so that we can all share in this potential new information.”


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