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This male Black-throated Blue Warbler was found in Miguelito County Park near Lompoc on 18 October.

Photo: Jamie Chavez

Black-throated Blue Warbler

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Barn Owl © Tim Lenz


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eBird announces it’s new rich media upload tool for embedding photos, audio and video files into your checklists. This new tool provides a long-term, open data resource searchable by birders and scientists alike—a real-time, digital natural history collection. Follow the link to learn about this latest update to eBird and how to start using it:

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Posted November  8, 2015


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Dates for the 116th annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count taking place in Santa Barbara County have been announced and are as follows:

20 December: La Purisima (Lompoc)

26 December: Carpinteria

27 December: Santa Maria/Guadalupe

29 December: Cachuma

2 January: Santa Barbara

Christmas Bird Count Dates

Audubon Christmas Bird Count >>

Posted October 18, 2015

If you are an avid yard birder who mostly enjoys birds by watching them from the comfort of your home, then Project FeederWatch is for you. FeederWatchers periodically count the birds they see at their feeders from November through early April and send their counts to Project FeederWatch.  Anyone interested in birds can participate. The 29th season of Project FeederWatch begins November 14, 2015. Sign up here: >>

Project FeederWatch

Posted September 20, 2015