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Up to three juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Herons were reported in August from Carpinteria.

Photo: Hugh Ranson

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

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Horned Lark © Tom Grey


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BirdNote offers two-minute radio shows that combine rich sounds with engaging stories illustrating the amazing lives of birds. BirdNote shows are aired on public radio stations around the country every day and can be found online at any time. Each show is scheduled to coincide with the time of year when it’s possible to see or hear the featured bird. Check out BirdNote:


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Posted July 5, 2015


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The new eBird iOS app for data entry is now available. Regular users of BirdLog will find that this app works similarly, with a few key improvements. The initial goal was to make a single, global data entry app for eBird. This free app is available now in iTunes. Development work for Android, and eBird mobile should be available on that platform in the coming months.

eBird Mobile App for iOS

Posted Aug 16, 2015

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BirdCast will allow, for the first time, real-time predictions of bird migrations: when they migrate, where they migrate, and how far they will be flying. These real time bird migration forecasts return August 15, 2015 just in time for fall migration.


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Posted August 9, 2015