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This Dusky-capped Flycatcher was found near UCSB during the Santa Barbara CBC on 3, January, 2015.

Photo: Hugh Ranson

Dusky-capped Flycatcher

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Ring-necked Duck © Paul Kusmin


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Responding to an alarming drop in the rare bird’s numbers, the California Fish and Game Commission has approved an emergency listing of the Tricolored Blackbird under the California Endangered Species Act. See:

Emergency Listing for Tricolored Blackbird

Tricolored Blackbird >>

Posted Jan 1, 2015


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The 18th annual Great Backyard Bird Count will take place February 13 - 16, 2015. The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) is for everyone, from beginner birdwatchers to experts, and anyone can participate from anywhere in the world. Counting birds provides scientists and conservationists with a real-time snapshot of bird populations. Each checklist submitted during the GBBC helps the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Please join us for the GBBC, Friday, February 13 through Monday, February 16, and together we can make our local birds count!

Great Backyard Bird Count

Posted January 6, 2015 >>

Lotusland, the amazing botanic garden in Montecito, California, is presenting FLOCK: Birds on the Brink from Feb. 28 to May 23. In addition to the breathtaking gardens, visitors will experience a contemporary art exhibit inspired by an environmental imperative – the global loss of wild bird populations and their role as indicators of the health of our planet. A series world renown speakers are accompanying the exhibit and they include some of the world’s top influencers in the study of and appreciation of birds. See the list of events here:

FLOCK: Birds on the Brink >>

Posted Jan 25, 2015